About Us


Hailing from Melbourne’s southern Mornington Peninsula and meeting by chance through a local artist, LISA TARANTO designers, Lisa and Lea saw a shared vision for ethical, innovative and intelligent design; resulting in their inspired collections for LISA TARANTO thus far.

With extensive knowledge in patternmaking, print, dyeing, design and illustration, Lisa and Lea blend a signature aesthetic of sharp, structural silhouettes with subtle pleating, folding and draping and the use of high quality fabrics to create collections with movement, freedom and spirit.

They draw upon a shared love of travel, photography, film and history as inspiration and play with proportion, exaggerated lines and unusual silhouettes to carve out each collection.

The girls keen eye and exciting signature garments are developing a cult following in Australia and are fast becoming known for their beautiful finishes and consistency in inspired design.

LISA TARANTO is proudly made in Australia.